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boats and boating in general

We have experience of yachts and motorboats of varying sizes in different destinations in Sweden and the world. Everything to optimize the joy and security of being out on the sea and enjoy the wind, waves and nature experiences. All boats both new yacht and motorboats we represent must make our hearts beat a little faster. Of course we sell used boats because we want to give several opportunities to enjoy the sea.


Our goal is to help you as a customer with your dream boat. Our boat owners will enjoy every possible opportunity aboard their boats and to build long-term relationships with the goal of joy on the lake.


We sell, since the summer of 2015, new Hanse yachts and, since the autumn of 2017, Moody yachts. Since 2019, we have new motorboats from Fjord. 2021 new motorboat Jerk by Hanse Yachts. Since 2021, Bohusyachts & Charter has been offering Sell / Full Service at its own Portside Marina and at our Sell / Full Service in Svinninge marina and Sälj / Servicepoint in Malmö.


If you do not want to buy new can can buy almost new and used boats, sailboats and motorboats from several brands on our used page.

Bohusyachts & Charter mediates boats on behalf of others.

New Boats and Charter Boats

Segelbåt BB15 2001

140 000 SEK, År 2001, Segelbåt

En vacker klassisk segelbåt för sommarens varma vindar.


Hanse 400e 2009 well-equipped fast sailing sailboat

1 195 000 SEK, 3 cabin, Mediation on behalf of others, Sold, Yacht, Year 2009

For sale: a 40-foot sailing boat with yacht feel for fast cruising and easy sailing…


Motorboat Finnmaster Husky R6 2016

395,000 SEK, Motor Boat, Sold, Used, Year 2016

Motorboat - aluminum boat - a practical leisure boat for the family


Sälja begagnad båt

 Sälja begagnad båt v.s sälja båt via båtmäklare Vad skall du tänka på när du själv skall sälja din båt När du själv skall sälja din båt är det viktigt…


Resultatrapport från Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts visar en betydande intäktstillväxt, rekordorderbok, höga prishöjningar genomförda, förlust över prognosen, avgång från förlustbringande investeringar, finansiering säkerställd efter 2025, positiva utsikter för 2022/23 Ökad efterfrågan längre väntetider Den…

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