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Boat tour Hanse CANCELED

Boat tour Hanse 14 -15 May 2022 in Svinninge Marina
29 April, 2022

The boat tour is canceled on 14-15 May in Svinninge Marina


The probable reason for the low stakeholder is probably due to the uncertainty that prevails in the world with rising interest rates, the War in Ukraine and the general uncertainty in the financial market.

For those of you who have registered for a booked tour, we will contact you for a booking of a private tour of the desired boat model.

For those of you who have not yet booked and intend to come by spontaneously, you are welcome to contact us at or directly to for a private viewing of our models Hanse 418, 388 or 348.

Warm welcome!

Urban, Niklas and Lennart

Personal boat tours in the spring of 2022

When you want to see exactly your desired size and model of sailboat that is slightly larger such as Hanse 458, Hanse 460, Hanse 508, Hanse 548, Hanse 588 and sailboats from Moody with deck saloon or motorboats from Fjord or Ryck, we arrange tours in the factory or in customer-owned boats.

We are planning a trip to Hanse Yachts for buyers at the end of May 2022. Do you want to come with us?

We show boats in Sweden at your nearest home port where that model is available by island.

Register your interest and model! click here

Sell a boat – convey a boat

We have a register with great interest in used boats, sailboats and motor boats.

Are you considering selling your boat?

Take your first step for a professional brokerage of your sailboat or motorboat Click here

Boat show Hanse

It is soon boating season and the craving for new sailboats has increased in recent years as more people want to holiday in Sweden also in 2022.

BohusYachts is now arranging a boat show with some Hanse models in Svinninge Marina, Åkersberga in Stockholm on Saturday 14 May 2022 at 10.00 – 16.00 and Sunday 15 May 10.00 – 14.00.

Personal bookings are a priority

We offer personal tours with slot times for each party / family for as safe a viewing as possible, we give you a slot time for your review of the current sailboat. Book your time here

Spontaneous visits are warmly welcomed and viewings subject to availability.

The Hanse models we show are;

For more information about the models, click on the links below.

Hanse 315 – Price equipped ready to sail in Greifswald, Germany from SEK 1,805,900 *

Hanse 348 – Price equipped ready to sail in Greifswald, Germany from SEK 2,342,000 *

Hanse 388 – Price equipped ready to sail in Greifswald, Germany from SEK 3,047,000 *

Hanse 418 – Price equipped ready to sail in Greifswald, Germany from SEK 3,547,000 *


* Prices apply including VAT.

* Free factory delivery, launched, sailboat ready to sail in Greifswald, Germany

Contact your nearest seller

Hanse 388 sittbrunn
Hanse 348 vy
Hanse 460 sailboat
Sailboat Hanse 388
Hanse 388 sittbrunnHanse 348 vyHanse 460 sailboatSailboat Hanse 388
Hanse 388 beats Dehler 38
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