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Motorboat Finnmaster Husky R6 - ready for launch

Motorboat – aluminum boat – a practical leisure boat for the family

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Starting price 395,000 SEK or highest bid. VAT paid.

Max antal personer...6
Bredd...2,30 m
Total längd...6,00 m
Utombordare...Yamaha F130A (2017)
Maxfart...39 knop
Antal motortimmar...89 timmar
Vikt...890 kg
Bra egenskaper enligt värderingsman...Bra 4(1-5)
Skick tekniskt...Bra 4(1-5)
Servicehistorik ...Bra 4 (1-5)

The item for sale is mediated by us on behalf of someone else, case number 2022-122, existing condition and the price is with regard to its age. Information in text and descriptions is not guaranteed in all parts, but we reserve the right for possible deviations. Equipment on board the object is the rule. The buyer may self-inspect and approve the item before access and delivery. The boat must be approved on site.


Motorboat – aluminum boat for sale Finnmaster Husky R6 – 2016

Husky R6 is an aluminum boat that has many uses. With sharp seaworthiness and a stable hull made of durable and high-quality aluminum, the Husky R6 aluminum boat extends your boating season by several months.
This aluminum boat is very suitable for you who are going out to the cottage, fishing or need a flexible connecting boat with generous stowage options. With perfect entrances, high freeboards, an open foredeck and a high windscreen, the whole family can safely go on new adventures at sea. Together with smart storage at the console, comfortable chairs and an aluminum floor that is as practical as easy to maintain, you get an aluminum boat that fits all life’s challenges – big and small. Quick facts:


* Motorboat make: Finnmaster
* Motorboat model: Husky R6
* Design: Finnmaster
Hull number: FIFMSA5050A61
* Year: 2016
* Port: Svinninge, Åkersberga
* Engine make: Yamaha F130A (2017)
* Engine power: 130 HP
* Engine running time: 89 engine hours
* Length (LOA): 6.00 m
* Width: 2.30 m
* Depth: 0.45 m
* Weight: 890 KG


▪ Harbor chapel (a reef at the top) ▪ Aft chapel (new) ▪ Complete set of cushions ▪ Garmin echomap
▪ Hydraulic steering ▪ Rotating chairs with sliding rails, damping stand ▪ Trimming plan ▪ Immobilizer ▪ GPS tracking ▪ Aluminum floor ▪ Water ski arch ▪ Two-part middle door ▪ Steering ladder ▪ fender holder ▪ Extra seat with storage box in the front box ▪ Storage box (Shower) approx. 6kg with anchor box ▪ New battery 60Ah (replace 2020) ▪ 4 fenders ▪ Various mooring ropes (6pcs) ▪ Flagpole ▪ Approved chain with lock ▪ Securemark Boat and Engine ▪ Unbraked boat trailer 1350 kg (Respo) with manual winch


Boat trailer max 30 km / h, maximum load 1350 kg

“Information provided is provided by the seller / boat owner and is expected to be correct but can not be guaranteed. Deviations may occur and nothing we take responsibility for as an intermediary on behalf of another as an agent. Equipment in the boat is what counts. The buyer must approve the boat on site “

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