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Membership offer Swedish Hanseatic Club

Get more for your Hanse for less Offer applies to members of the Swedish Hanseatic Club - boat brokerage used Hanse : Normally we ask a fee of 9% on the final price of the boat and as a Hanseatic…

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New sailing boat Hanse 460

A brand new sailing boat from Hanse in 46 feet The new Hanse 460 sailboat has new designers and it paid off. With new French blood in German DNA, the Hanse 460 has been given a boost, winning over the…

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Boat show Hanse west coast 28-19 Aug 2021

Boat show Hanse. Hanse Sweden arranges a boat fair with our sailboats in its own marina Portside - in the middle of Bohuslän. We at BohusYachts - Hanse Sweden are arranging a boat show with our Hanse models in Gullmarsfjorden…

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