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Sell your boat – sell sailboat – sell motorboat – boat for sale

Are you selling your boat, changing your boat or buying a boat? – We broker boats and sell new boats.

Used boats can be brokered through a variety of means. The most common ways are to buy or sell a used boat through a marine broker, or to search for an example of a used boat on a website or in a magazine that provides ads for used boats.

There are also a number of private sellers who are willing to broker used boats. However, it is important to do careful research before investing in a used boat to ensure that it has a good history and is in good condition.

It is important to remember that buyers of second-hand boats are often willing to pay less for the boat than it would cost to buy a new one. This is partly because second-hand boats are sold in “as is” condition, which means that the buyer is often responsible for any repairs or upgrades required to keep the boat in good condition. Buyers should also investigate any available guarantees provided by the seller to protect their investment.

A good idea is to use the services of a marine broker to broker used boats. Brokers often have knowledge of boats and can advise buyers on which boats are available and which are the best options. Brokers also often have boats available for sale that are not listed in ads, so buyers can find boats that are outside their search.

Brokering the boat through BohusYachts

We have a list of prospective boat buyers

BohusYachts contributes to

– Professional valuation of boats appointed by Vardego´’s industry council. Read more about boat valuation at
– Production of sales material.
– Photography and / or video.
– Marketing through website,,,, 2 international digital media Possibility to put the boat at the sales quay
– We instruct the buyer to inspect by an authorized inspector.
– Professional management of stakeholders, screenings and negotiations
Instructions “styling” and reconditioning via partners.
– Members of the industry association Sweboat and follow industry conditions

Established in 1992. We have over 45 years of experience in boats, marketing and sales.

Buying a boat from BohusYachts

We are members of the trade association Sweboat and follow its terms
Financing via Swedbank Finans and / or Wasa credit
Secure financial management via client account.
Administration boat insurance via Alandia and Pantaenius
Qualified boat dealers for sailboats of the brand Hanse, Moody and motorboats Fjord and RYCK.

Buy a boat or sell a boat

When you are going to buy a used boat, the price is lower compared to buying a new boat, at the same time as upgrades of the boat’s equipment may be needed. For these and any neglected maintenance, it is generally to calculate 20-30% of the boat’s price.

Of boats for sale, we help you buy a used boat, buy a sailboat or a motorboat.

Order a new boat

Fill in which boat you are interested in and we will contact you.

Read more about new boats

Sell the boat

You describe the boat with information about the boat brand, boat model and year of manufacture and what equipment is included in the boat sales. We contact you for a dialogue and also appreciate pictures in a separate email, on your boat, so it gives us a first overview of the condition of the boat.

Select used sailboat or used motorboat under Boat for sale below to see more information about that particular boat and to contact us with an expression of interest. Feel free to check this page often because it comes all the time used sailboats and motorboats for sale .

Contact the nearest seller and boat broker

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