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Sailboat for sale, Hanse 418 2018

Sailboat for sale, Hanse 418 2017

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229 719 Euro (VAT paid)

Segelbåt fabrikat...Hanse
Segelbåt modell...Hanse 418
Design ...Judel/vrolijk & co
CE nummer...
Försegel...Självslående fock
Storsegel...45.00 m2
Försegel...34.50 m2
Total segelyta...79,5 m2
Motoreffekt...39 hk
Längd LOA...11.99 m
Bredd...4.17 m
Djup...2.07 m
Vikt...10.15 ton
Bra egenskaper enligt värderingsman...Bra 4 (1-5)
Servicehistorik...Bra 4 (1-5)
Skick (tekniskt)...Bra 4 (1-5)
Warranty and Liability

Advertising on behalf of others. Available for viewing in Riga. Information in text and descriptions is not guaranteed in all parts, but we reserve the right for possible deviations. Equipment on board the object is the rule. The buyer may self-inspect and approve the item before access and delivery.

Sailboat for sale, Hanse 418, 3 kabiners

*Advertised on behalf of others. Available in Riga. Access 1 August 2021

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Model year 2018

Length 11.99 m
Width 4.17 m
Draught 2.07 m
Engine Yanmar 39 hp
Fuel tank 160 l
Water tank 475 l

Equipment strip

Can be found under “Specification Hanse 418”

The information on the equipment list is provided by the owner of the boat. We are not able to review the equipment detail for detail, the data are expected to be accurate and may depart. The boat’s equipment and displayed on site is given.


We reserve the right for any errors in the specification and for the right to correction in the specification in order that any deviations in the specification may exist. The equipment and specification that is on board is the one that applies.

We reserve for any defect in specification and for the right to correction in the specification to include any discrepancies in the specification. The equipment and specification on board is the one that applies.

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Location of the sailboat

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Full specification Hanse 418 2018

Download specification: Hanse 418 2018

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