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The sailboat Hanse 388 has praiseworthy performance

New Hanse 388 sailboat – Enjoy the Ultimate Sailing Experience!

Are you looking for sailboats for sale?

Welcome to the Hanse 388, the star of the Hanse sailboats. This masterpiece is not just a sailboat, but an experience in itself.

Why choose Hanse 388?

1. Exciting possibilities: The Hanse 388 opens the door to a world of endless adventure at sea. This sailboat invites you to experience the best of the sunlight through its unique lighting concepts. With large skylights and a host of deck and hull windows, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud of light.

2. High performance: This is not just one of those sailboats for sale that you come across. The Hanse 388 offers the power of a high rig and the speed of a hull designed by renowned boat designers Judel/Vrolijk & co, ensuring an unparalleled sailing pleasure.

3. Comfortable and spacious: A well-planned cockpit and deck provide space for relaxation and comfortable sailing. With various cabin options, it is an ideal sailing boat for family, friends or couples.

4. Impressive innovations: Compared to the Hanse 385, the 388 comes with a range of innovative features. From ergonomic helm seats to cockpit tables with fold-down table tops and self-bailing jibs, this boat is the definition of modern design and functionality.

5. Easy to sail: The Hanse Easy Sailing Concept makes sailing a breeze, even for beginners. All lines lead back to the helmsman, making it easy to handle even in more difficult conditions.

Conclusion on which sailboat to choose:

If you are looking for sailboats for sale, the Hanse 388 is your obvious choice. This new sailboat offers a perfect combination of design, performance and comfort. Whether you are a passionate sailor or just looking for the perfect boat to relax on, the Hanse 388 will meet and exceed your expectations.

* Text and pictures of and about the boats describe the model and options and are extra equipped in addition to the standard specification.

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Price from
2 011 000 SEK

Price From €174,900 (excl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change the currency.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€

Sail-ready, package-equipped, launched
3 264 600 SEK

Price from 227 102 (excl. VAT)
We reserve the right to make changes in currency.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€


    Hanse 388: Outstanding Features for the Modern Sailor

    When searching for “sailboats for sale”, it is important to look not only at the aesthetics but also at the key features that define a true modern sailboat. The Hanse 388 is exactly the sailboat that combines both style and functionality, as evidenced by its outstanding features:

    1. Teak on the bathing platform: The large bathing platform clad in beautiful teak ensures safe and comfortable boarding. A folding fixed ladder completes this, simplifying access to the water.

    2. Convenient Storage: The hidden storage of bulkheads and cases in the side deck and in the cockpit helm seats exudes practicality, keeping the deck neat and organized.

    3. Dual steering wheels: Ergonomic dual steering wheels, a must-have for the modern sailor, offer an optimal steering experience and better maneuverability.

    4. Lighting: With 6 hull windows in the saloon, glass skylights, opening portlights and exterior windows designed by Hanse for air circulation, the Hanse 388 ensures that you always have a bright and airy atmosphere on board. Add skylights on the foredeck for the owner’s cabin, and you have an inviting and open feeling throughout the boat.

    5. Openable Deck Hatches: With 9 openable deck hatches, optimal ventilation is guaranteed, making every sailing session comfortable.

    6. Quality interior: When you enter the salon, you are greeted by a quality sofa with an exclusive finish. The new woods and decorations create an atmosphere of luxury.

    7. Innovative Kitchenette: The large L-shaped kitchenette comes with a unique fridge with both side opening and top feed, making it easier to store and access your food.

    Summary: If you are looking for sailboats or specifically a sailboat that combines innovation with comfort and style, your search should lead you straight to the Hanse 388. It offers not only outstanding features but also an unparalleled sailing experience. So the next time you explore “sailboats for sale”, remember that the Hanse 388 is a top candidate worth considering.

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