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Hanse 315 is a Sailboat that is unique in its class, a winning boat. She is a new yacht for all the nuances of life.

New Hanse 315: Your Dream Sailboat Is Waiting

Are you looking for a sailboat that combines the very best in modern design, functionality and an unbeatable sailing experience? Then your search for sailboats for sale has led you to the right place. Introducing the Hanse 315 from Hanse Yachts.

Hanse 315: The Ultimate Sailboat Experience

Are you looking to dive deep into the captivating world of “sailboats for sale”? Then you should definitely not miss the Hanse 315, the newest star in the yachting world. Whether you are an experienced sailor or someone who has just discovered the joys of boating, this sailboat will satisfy your dreams and desires.

The Versatile Boat for All Adventures

At 31 feet, the Hanse 315 combines ease of handling with a host of impressive features. From the huge cockpit with twin steering wheels to the spacious owners’ cabin, this is a sailboat that’s perfect for both casual day sailing and exciting week-long adventures.

Unique Design and Functionality

The Hanse 315 highlights a “3 in 1 solution”, offering flexibility on board:

  • For children? Check.
  • A single bed cabin or perhaps a full-size double bed? Check.
  • A spacious space for relaxation? Absolutely!

In terms of design, Judel and Vrolijk have created a timeless beauty that balances modern lines with a big boat feel. And with teak in the cockpit and a folding swim platform, the Hanse 315 provides a larger boat feel in a compact and easy-to-handle package.

World-class security

Not only is the boat a feast for the eyes, the Hanse 315 is also built to be robust and seaworthy. With its CE marking in Ocean Category B, you can feel safe and secure during all your maritime adventures.

A Must for New Sailboats

If you are looking for “sailboats for sale”, it is clear that the Hanse 315 is a front runner. With its unbeatable combination of design, functionality and safety, this sailboat is the perfect choice for everyone, from young families to adventurous solo sailors.

So, why wait? Discover the Hanse 315 today and start your next big sea adventure!


* Text and pictures of and about the boats describe the model and options and are extra equipped in addition to the standard specification.

Price from
1 493 500 SEK

129 875 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change the currency.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€.

Sailboat equipped launched
2 152 900 SEK

Price from €187,212 (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change the currency.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€


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    Hanse 315: Highlights of a New Era in Sailing

    In a world full of sailboats, the Hanse 315 stands out as a leading player among new sailboats. This sailboat defines modern design and high-class functionality. Now let’s dive deep into its most prominent features.

    A huge cockpit with double steering wheels:

    First of all, compared to other sailboats in its class, the Hanse 315 offers an incredibly spacious cockpit. With double steering wheels, it not only adds an aesthetic touch, but also simplifies handling.

    Largest Ownerscabin in its class:

    Next, for those who value comfort and space, this yacht delivers with an owners’ cabin that is the largest in its class. Such a feature underlines why Hanse is a pioneer among new sailboats.

    Toilet module with separate shower:

    Furthermore, in contrast to many sailboats that compromise on bathroom facilities, the Hanse 315 offers a toilet module complete with a separate shower – a luxury in this size class.

    Revolutionary “3 in 1 solution”:

    This sailboat also boasts of its flexibility. With the unique “3 in 1 solution”, the forepeak can be adapted for the children’s playroom, as a single bed cabin, or as a full-size double bed.

    Teak in Cockpit & Folding Bathing Platform:

    Aesthetically, the Hanse 315 combines tradition with modernity. The teak in the cockpit adds a classic touch, while the folding swim platform raises the bar for modern boat design.

    Security with Ocean Category B:

    Finally, security cannot be compromised. This new sailboat is not only a beauty, it is also robust and ready for the sea with its impressive CE marking in Ocean Category B.



    When it comes to sailboats for sale, the Hanse 315 sets a new standard. That’s why it’s high on the list for those seeking the perfect balance of tradition and innovation in new sailboats.

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