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Buying a boat - selling a boat

Buying a boat.

If you are looking for used boats, used sailboats or used motorboats for sale, you have come to the right place. At BohusYachts we offer a wide and carefully selected range of quality boats for sale. Our sailboats and motorboats undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they are in excellent condition for their age.
With BohusYachts, you can be sure that you can buy a used boat that is equipped with modern technology and safety features. Our dedicated team also offers professional advice and service to help you find the perfect boat to match your needs.

To make the buying and selling process easier and safer, you can also sell your existing boat through the BohusYachts professional website. This allows you to reach a wide audience and secure a competitive price when you decide to sell your boat. Read more about selling your boat here.

So if you are planning to buy a boat and are looking for used boats for sale, BohusYachts is the ultimate choice. With our extensive range of boats for sale and our dedicated team, you can be sure to find the perfect boat to meet your needs and safety requirements. So if you are buying a boat and looking for used boats for sale, BohusYachts is the perfect choice. With their range of boats for sale and their professional service, you can be sure to find the perfect boat for your needs and safety requirements.

Read more about selling a boat.

Used boats

Selling a boat.

BohusYachts is your experienced and reliable boat broker with deep knowledge of boats, sailboats, motorboats and used boats in the industry. Our outstanding customer service is dedicated to helping you sell your boat efficiently and profitably. Through our extensive network of buyers and sellers, we can reach a wide audience and find the perfect buyer for your boat.

Choose BohusYachts for a smooth and successful boat brokerage.

Learn more about selling a boat Brokering your boat


New boats with BohusYachts

Buying a boat – New

BohusYachts is your trusted boat dealer offering high quality and reliable new boats for sale. We are proud to be the representative of Hanse Yachts, a brand characterized by a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, offering outstanding boating experiences.

New sailing boats

Our collection of new sailboats from Hanse Yachts, including the prestigious Hanse and Moody brands, stands out with its modern and sophisticated design. These sailboats are equipped with the latest technology to ensure smooth and comfortable sailing. They also meet the strictest safety standards, ensuring safe sailing for everyone on board.

New sailboats from Hanse Yachts

New sailing yachts from Moody Yachts

New motorboats

BohusYachts are also proud representatives of Hanse Yachts’ new motor yacht, the impressive walkaround boat RYCK 280. These motorboats are equipped with the latest technology and have been designed to deliver outstanding performance on the water. The RYCK 280 is fast, smooth and easy to maneuver, making it the optimal choice for those who want to explore the water in a dynamic and exciting way.

New motor yacht RYCK by Hanse Yachts

So if you’re in the market for a new boat, whether it’s a sailboat or motorboat, consider doing business with BohusYachts, your trusted partner with brands like Hanse, Moody, Fjord and Ryck. With our high-quality boats, you can rest assured that you are investing in a boat that is designed to deliver a superior boating experience for your whole family.


You can enjoy driving or sailing the boat on the sea, lakes or canals and enjoy all the different activities offered on board. Boats also offer a freedom that is very difficult to obtain with other means of transport.

We can help you if you are looking for a boat, selling your boat or need help with your boat, sailboat or motorboat.


We sell new Hanse sailing boats and Moody sailing boats. Since 2019, we have new motorboats from Fjord. Last new motorboat, Ryck 280 by Hanse Yachts.

We offer in Bohusyachts &Charter Sales/Full Service/Rental at our own Portside Marina and at our Sales/Full Service in Svinninge marina as well as Sales/Servicepoint in Malmö.


Buy used boats, sailboats and powerboats of several brands on our used boats page.

We will arrange your boat. we can sell the boat or several boats on commission.

You get a great price when you broker your boat through our professional website. It’s a great solution for those who want to sell their boat in a smooth and safe way.

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