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New sailboat - Hanse 348 is modern, fast and fresh

New Hanse 348 sailboat: a class of its own

When it comes to “new sailboats” there are some models that stand out more than others, and the Hanse 348 is definitely one of them. From its avant-garde design to its impeccable performance, here’s what makes this sailboat a real gem on the water.

A Captivating Experience:

The Hanse 348 beckons you to dream of the endless horizons. A new sailboat that really evokes a sense of adventure. Who doesn’t want to sail at the speed of the wind, surrounded by a perfect balance of technology and comfort?

Innovation and Performance:

With its innovative hull, a taller rig and a generous sail area, the Hanse 348 is built to deliver. It represents the perfect combination of speed and easy sailing, ensuring you always have an easy and enjoyable sailing experience.

Comfort and aesthetics below deck:

Make your mark on this sailboat with individual design choices of wood, fabrics and furnishings. Experience the airy atmosphere with countless skylights and unique window bulkheads, a feature that distinguishes it from other “sailboats” in the same class. The windows facing the saloon create a bright and inviting environment on board.

Cutting-edge sailing features:

This sailing yacht offers a host of innovative features, including a large teak-clad bathing platform, ergonomic double steering wheels, asymmetrical opening Hanse windows and much more. With 9 unique features, the Hanse 348 has set a new standard for “sailboats for sale”.

Hanse’s Easy Sailing Concept:

Sailing has never been easier thanks to Hanses’ legendary concept. From the integrated self-tailing jib to all the sheets and lines running aft, the Hanse 348 is designed for simplicity. Whether you sail alone or with guests, this concept guarantees a hassle-free experience.

Your Personal Choice:

Hanse gives you the chance to truly personalize your sailboat. Choose from a myriad of colors, materials and technical equipment to make your Hanse 348 truly unique. It’s your sailboat, your style, your choice.


If you are looking for “sailboats” that define both style and performance, your search should begin and end with the Hanse 348. A sailboat that not only meets but exceeds all expectations. When it comes to “sailboats for sale”, put the Hanse 348 at the top of your list and enjoy an unparalleled sailing experience.


* Text and pictures of and about the boats describe the model and options and are extra equipped in addition to the standard specification.

Price from
1 982 300 SEK

Price from €172,375 (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to make currency changes.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€

Sail-ready, package-equipped, launched
2 602 800 SEK

Price from €226,331 (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change the currency.
Currency key 11.50 SEK/€


    The Hanse 348: A Modern Sailboat Innovation

    When it comes to “new sailboats” on the market, the Hanse 348 is truly in a class of its own. This masterpiece of a sailboat has introduced a range of impressive features that not only increase its functionality, but also its aesthetics. Let’s dive into the core features that put the Hanse 348 on the map for all “sailboat” enthusiasts.

    1. Large teak bathing platform: Initially, the Hanse 348 offers a spacious bathing platform, clad in elegant teak, which is complete with a folding fixed ladder. This feature ensures easy access to the lake, making your swimming moments more comfortable and enjoyable.

    2. Hidden storage under the side deck: Speaking of smart design, this sailboat has an ingeniously hidden storage for halyards and sheets in the aft cockpit. Such thinking minimizes clutter on board and maximizes space.

    3. Ergonomic dual steering wheels: For the driver, comfort is of utmost importance. Therefore, the Hanse 348 has introduced ergonomic twin steering wheels that improve maneuverability and give the operator full control.

    4. Glass skylight: Upon descending from the cockpit, you are greeted by impressive glass skylights. They not only let in plenty of daylight but also create an atmosphere of openness on board.

    5. Asymmetrical Hanse windows: Here comes another gem of a design. These unique and openable Hanse windows offer not only an outstanding view but also optimal air circulation, keeping your yacht fresh and ventilated.

    6. Large hull windows in saloon: For those who value a light and airy saloon, these windows offer an uninterrupted view of the lake while letting in plenty of light.

    7. Skylights on the foredeck: Several skylights are strategically placed on the foredeck, further enhancing the airy feeling on board.

    8. Eight openable deck hatches: For extra comfort and ventilation, this sailboat is equipped with eight openable deck hatches.


    The Hanse 348 represents a new era of “new sailboats”. If you are in the market for ‘sailboats’, be sure to give this model a look. With its combination of style, functionality and innovation, the Hanse 348 is not just a sailboat; it’s an experience.

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