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New motorboat from Fjord- LE GRAND 53XL

FJORD 53 XL – THE BIG 53XL. This new powerboat with all the accolades and positive features and benefits makes it an outstanding powerboat. The Fjord 53 XL goes on the water beautifully and stands out with its unique profile in every marina. With the flexible equipment options and smart configuration options, each Fjord 53 XL is as individual as you as a customer and boat owner want it to be.

The brand’s angled lines together with a T-shaped roof, firmly guided by a vertical arch, and topped with a lavish spacious teak deck in one level is this dream. Luxury and functionality coexist and complement each other to an extent not yet seen in a motorboat.

A short trip to the nearby island, or a long-distance trip out in the open sea is just as easy for the FJORD 53 XL as it dominates all conditions and fulfils all desires you may have.

53 XL key functions

The largest deck area and T-top ever designed by FJORD
The amazing walkaround solution
Characteristically large hull windows
Extremely spacious cockpit
The driver’s seat resembles a modern command centre
Two well-equipped kitchenettes
New cabin layout fully equipped as a dedicated crew cabin
Owners cabin and lounge form an open, loft-like space
Different interior styles and finest materials
Newly developed 3D configurator

Bath in the sun, party in the moonlight; she caters for all your needs, as well as your family and friends.

Impressive design

When it comes down to it, it’s a sight to behold and immerse yourself in.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a grill, a bar and a refrigerator. The cottages are equipped with high quality materials and have no compromise policy in terms of comfort and aesthetics. The expansive bathing platform of the FJORD 53 XL is also well thought-out and serves as a base for water sports activities. Integrated steps make it easy to access.

Make it the way you want your new motorboat. High-quality materials with finishes provide creative freedom and artistic control, complementing the unique FJORD design.

Base price
12,340,000 SEK

SEK 10,362,000 (excl. VAT)

Suggestion equipped boat
13,905,000 SEK

SEK 11,124,000 (Excl. VAT)

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