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Hanse 510 New Sailing boat and design

A fantastic sailing boat from Hanse Yachts with a new look, easy to sail (Easy Sailing) and fast (fast cruising)

The renowned design studio Berret-Racoupeau has brought out all that is possible on this 50-foot sailing yacht from Hanse in a generous amount of space on and below deck, high hull speed and exceptional accommodation comfort.

A sailboat with pure sailing pleasure in a new dimension
With its innovative, modern hull design, the Hanse 510 is a real eye-catcher among sailboats. Many clever ideas and practical details make this 50-foot sailboat a first-class family cruiser.

A distinctive negative bow, a narrow waterline and the perfectly positioned chine edges make sailing this boat a real pleasure, even in heavy waves. The cockpit with dual steering systems is optimised for shorthand sailing.

An intelligently positioned step allows crew members to easily access the rope-free side deck. The optional T-top, which can be fitted with solar panels if desired, invites you to stay in the cockpit for a long time. In addition, this boat has the largest and most practical dinghy deck in its class. With just a few simple steps, you can easily get your dinghy into the lake from the cockpit with the newly developed Hanse Smart Tender System.

A sailboat where comfort meets style
The sophisticated design of the boat creates a sense of luxury and plenty of space below deck. The unusually spacious owner’s cabin in this class, the loft-like saloon with multifunctional furniture, or even the optional crew cabin: every area of the Hanse 510 is a real feel-good place.

With over 100 layout options, your dream yacht can be designed according to your individual wishes.

Try Hanse Yacht’s award-winning 3D configurator and send the results to your BohusYachts dealer for your tailor-made quote and book an appointment for review and advice.


  • The Hanse 510 has the largest and most useful roller layer in its class, and the newly developed Hanse Smart Tender System.
  • The volume of the Hanse 510 is unmatched in the 50ft class, the widest even.
  • The hull design has been further optimised so that even with the huge volume, performance is not compromised.
  • The crew cabin is no longer a room to sleep in, it has become a place to live.
  • With the Hanse 510, the Easy Sailing concept has been further developed and consistently implemented.
  • Hanse has packed all options into the boat to handle a wide range of, customers: freely configurable so that almost any wish can be met with the selection in the price list.
  • Adapted for tall people. All beds are full length, i.e. 2.04 m. Ceiling height is normally 2,12 – 2,14 m
  • The weight and stability of an H510 compared to other brands is about 2, 5 – 3 tons more. This makes for a stiffer, more solid and safer boat.
  • The mast height is 23.55 m and is over 1.6 m higher. That means more sail and more speed, and you’ll be the first to port.
  • Total volume is 89,4 sqm in comparison 5,4 -7,2 sqm larger volume compared to other brands of the same size.

About the New Hull
The inverted stem or wave-breaking bow prevents beating in a rising wind, and the hard stem starts right at the bow and breaks the wave as the bow dips in, so less water comes over the deck and the sailing is drier.

About the cockpit
The sophisticated helmsman’s seat gives you full control of the Hanse 510 in all situations. All information converges here, and all shots and falls can be maneuvered from here. The electric winches from port and starboard can also be operated from here.

Briefly about the garage for dinghies
Here you can see the garage for dinge with the automatic comfort staircase and the newly developed Hanse Smart Tender System. Examples of dinge can be 2,70m incl. 6 hp engine.

About the bathing platform
You can opt for a bathing ladder, where you can comfortably get out of the water on wide steps and at a comfortable angle. This transforms the bathing platform into a private beach with luxurious water access.

Life raft in brief
Hanse has given a lot of thought to a sensible storage space for the life raft. Hanse has found that just behind the drop from the cockpit is the best place. Here we have created a compartment that can accommodate the standard containers of an 8-person life raft. The lid is not hinged but simply opens with 4 holders and can then be put away, so it can be quickly removed in case of danger and you can get to the life raft from all directions.

Price from
6 186 000 SEK

562 375 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€

8 706 000 SEK

791 506 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€


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