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Delivery times and displays of new boats – HANSE YACHTS
25 February, 2023

Hanse Yachts declines to exhibit at the boat show boot Düsseldorf January 2023.

Hanse Yachts cancels participation in boot Düsseldorf Unfavourable conditions for indoor shows in winter

Hanse Yachts expects that indoor shows in the winter of 2022/23 cannot yet be held under conditions they were used to until 2019 and be comparably successful. Therefore, the company will refrain from participating in boot Düsseldorf in the coming winter.
Hanse Yachts very much regrets that the German premiere of our new Hanse 510, after its successful presentation in Barcelona, can thus also not take place in Düsseldorf. As soon as the external conditions for indoor events held in winter have returned to normal, HanseYachts is looking forward to presenting its yachts at relevant top-class boat shows again.
Hanse Yachts states the following reasons:
– Hanse Yachts has a responsibility to protect the health of its employees.
– There are strong indications that in winter there will again be far-reaching mask requirements for major indoor events.
– The general situation in Europe also suggests a reluctance on the part of visitors to participate in such indoor events.

BohusYachts offers tours on demand instead of indoor participation

Those customers who wish to see the model range of Hanse, Moody, Fjord and RYCK, we at BohusYachts arrange viewings after interest and booking for at HANSE YACHTS in Greifswald As soon as the external conditions for indoor events held in winter have returned to normal, HanseYachts looks forward to presenting its yachts at the relevant boat shows in top class again.

Deliveries of new boats

HANSE YACHTS carries out a quality work in order to improve quality and that all equipment parts are in their place when they are to leave the production line. Delivery times for new boats are for this reason, together with long delivery times of equipment and the fact that part of the workforce is conscripted to the Ukrainian Defence Forces, still being added.

Hanse 315

March 24

Hanse 348

March 24

Hanse 388

Apr 24

Hanse 418

Apr 24

Hanse 458

Apr 24

Hanse 460

Dec 24

Hanse 508

Nov 23

Hanseatic League 510

Sep 24

Hanse 548

Nov 23

Hanse 588

Nov 23

Hanse 675


Moody 41AC

Apr 24

Moody 41DS

Apr 24

Moody 45DS

Apr 24

Moody 54DS

May 24

RYCK 280

Dec 23

Fjord 38O

Mrch 24

Fjord 38XP

Mrch 24

Fjord 41XL

Jun 24

Fjord 41XP

Mrch 24

Fjord 44C

Mrch 24

Fjord 44O

Mrch 24

Fjord 53XL

Aug 24



*The above delivery times are indicative and may change due to internal and external reasons. They may be shorter for certain boat models or in case of cancellations.

RYCK 280
MotorbåtarRYCK 280

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