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A family ruiser and yacht for Swedish waters-Hanse 345

Hanse 345 is a sailboat with the perfect combination for efficient sailing in the archipelago but also on the high seas. Many thoughtful solutions make sailing quick and fun. The yacht is equipped with self-striking roller fock eg. Standard.

Outstanding performance and innovative design. Hanse 345 has been named boat of the year in a number of countries. Won “Boat of the Year” in Sweden 2014.

Hanse 345 sails nicely on the smallest rudder movement, and with good grip in the water, whether it is with the crawl place or the the up. The T-keel with järnbuIb and 1, 87 meters depth represents one third of the weight of the combination and, together with the rudder blades and steering mechanism from Danish JEFA, represents an effective combination.

The self-striking focken runs on a rail that is neatly integrated into the ruffle roof in front of the mast. Rails on both sides of the ruffle roof also allow for overlapping pre-sails, which can thus be shot mcd tighter angle and better height adjustment.

Sailboat Hanse 345 with equipment packages, the performance is an increase to a more comprehensive equipment level with many thoughtful solutions that make the experience on the lake very comfortable. Cruising Package For example, which includes cooler box, hot water with shower even on the transom and teak-lined cockpit. The Comfort Package is also included with additional lighting in the saloon and curtains for blackout, as well as the Navigation Package with Simrad navigation equipment.

The tyre is built in sandwich construction, while the hull is a single laminate of vinyl ester and fiberglass and has no light in the sides. The many windows and opening doors of the superstructure ensure that enough light reaches into the airy lounge.

This is a modern winning boat for the Swedish family.


Basic Price
1 127 500 SEK *

902 000 SEK (ex VAT)

JULY – AUG 2017
Sail-Ready & equipped
1 293 500 SEK *

1 034 800 (ex VAT)

* €1 = 9.60 SEK

[cq_vc_accordion accordionstyle=”style2″ contentcolor=”#333333″ contentbg=”#ffffff” accordiontitle=”FINANSERING” accordiontitlesize2=”30px” titlepadding2=”10px” titlecolor=”#ffffff” titlebg=”#ea8c00″ titlehovercolor=”#ffffff” titlehoverbg=”#d17d00″ withborder=”withBorder” withbordercolor=”#ea8c00″][accordionitem] [advanced_iframe securitykey=”f3b79cd455d02458be81770e4c00721814d29433″ src=”″ width=”100%” height=”800″] [/accordionitem][/cq_vc_accordion]
Total längd10,40 m
Skrovlängd9,99 m
Största bredd3,50 m
Djupgående1,87 m
Köl tillval 1,55 m
Vikt6200 kg
Kölvikt2030 kg
Kölvikt tillval2200 kg
Antal motorer1 st
Motor standardYanmar
Motorstyrka standard18 hk
Motorstyrka tillval-
Antal hytter standard (exkl. salong)3 st
Antal hytter tillval (exkl. salong)-
Antal kojer standard (inkl. salong)6 st
Antal kojer tillval (inkl. salong)7 st
Bränsletank160 l
Vattentank230 l
Startbatteri80 Ah
Underhållsbatteri200 Ah
Antal rattar standard2 st
Ståhöjd i salong1,95 m
Ståhöjd i kök1,95 m
Ståhöjd i förpik1,95 m
Propeller monterad standardfast 2-blad
CE-kategorierCE-kat B
Inredningsmaterial standardMahogny
Inredningsmaterial tillval 1Körsbär
Inredningsmaterial tillbal 2Ek
Storsegelsystem standard2 rev
Genua/Focksystem standardFurling
Area storsegel standard32,50 m2
Area Genua/Fock standard22,50 m2
Antal knapar standard4 st
Antal winchar standard4 st
Telefon031-210 200

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