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Hanse 575 gives life a new meaning.

Hanse Yachts gives luxury boat manufacturers an eye opener with their new 575, which has everything you could want at a relatively low price. For example, double washing machines and almost excessive standing height.

Hanse 575 is for everyone. Buying an entirely well-equipped 60-foot long new sailboat for 5.5 million kronor, which Hanse 575 costs, wasn’t possible a couple of years ago. Now the big Yard manufactures Hanse giant boats and can keep prices down sharply. Hanse 575 offers an enormous amount of more boat for your money compared to much more expensive boats such as Swan, Baltic, Oyster and Hallberg-Rassy.

The clientele appreciates modern functional design with materials that are simple and Scandinavian feeling and design. The construction process is streamlined into the smallest detail. You get absolute value for what you pay for. Nothing has changed on that point.

In any case, you cannot call 575 as one of Hanse’s largest models for other than a luxury yacht. And so you can see that the development is moving towards more people being able to live in luxury.

Hanse 575 is an incredibly spacious boat, developed for permanent living as well as lovely weekly sailings in the archipelago. With self-striking Fock as standard and access to controls and Scot from the double knosers, the boat is easy to handle for two people. Easy Sailing is one of Hanse’s watchwords.

The new Hanse 575 has all the components that make a hull elegant with a long waterline, a performance-oriented sail plane and a comfortable and safe cockpit. Under Deck, the Hanse 575 is spacious and bright with a lovely standing height. A steady beam system connects the keel and rig that together while carrying the bulkhead makes the strong hull than stiffer. Jollen is well steamed and easy to access in dinghy garage in the stern. The giant cockpit is the perfect place for an evening drink with friends in an idyllic setting.

With a variety of interior layouts and design options there is the possibility to customize Hanse 575 exactly to your needs.

Basic Price
4 642 800 SEK *

3 715 000 SEK (ex VAT)

* €1 = 9.60 SEK

NOV – DEC 2017
EB50, sail-ready, equipped and launched
6 873 500 SEK *

5 498 800 SEK (ex VAT)

Total längd17,15 m
Skrovlängd16,70 m
Största bredd5,20 m
Djupgående2,85 m
Köl tillval T-speed2,25 m
Vikt19500 kg
Kölvikt5900 kg
Antal motorer1 st
Motor standardYanmar
Motorstyrka standard107 hk
Motorstyrka tillval150 hk
Antal hytter standard (exkl. salong)5 st
Antal hytter tillval (exkl. salong)6 st
Antal kojer standard (exkl. salong)10 st
Antal kojer tillval (inkl. salong)12 st
Bränsletank520 l
Vattentank810 l
Startbatteri90 Ah
Underhållsbatteri180 Ah
Antal rattar standard2 st
Ståhöjd i salong1,95 m
Ståhöjd i kök1,95 m
Ståhöjd i förpik1,95 m
Propeller monterad standardfast 2-blad
Inredningsmaterial standardMahogny
Inredningsmaterial tillval 1Körsbär
Inredningsmaterial tillbal 2Bok
Storsegelsystem standard2 rev
Genua/Focksystem standardFurling
Area storsegel standard87,50 m2
Area Genua/Fock standard74,00 m2
Genacker310,00 m2
Antal knapar standard4 st
Antal winchar standard4 st

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