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Superior Elegance in a classic design

Moody AC41 takes traditional boat building into modern times, combining a classic flat building with the customary comfortable handling and exclusive built-in luxuries of modern times and age. The yacht can be designed for fast yet comfortable cruising, but it is equally ideal for marine life, short hops along the coast and long journeys.

Basic Price
3 237 500 SEK * (incl VAT)

2 590 000 SEK * (Excl VAT)

* €1 = 10.40 SEK

Stylish Classic Design

With a Moody Aft Cockpit, you get all modern comforts engraved with classic design. This yacht glides you neatly and nicely past all the others in the port.


With the help of innovation combined with classic feel, the Aft Cockpit models have a great comfort in a manageable shell. Among other things, with the help of a self-striking fock and a Genoa on reel.


Moody Aft Cockpit is not only stylish to look at, it is amazing to sail. A smart and well-proven hull coupled with smart sail setting provides outstanding performance.

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