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Previlége New Model Series 6
-Refined design and performance

This 64-foot catamaran in the series 6 was designed by Longtime Privilège-partner and naval architect Marc Lombard, with interiors by Franck Darnet Design.

The result is a sailboat that is fast in the water and packed with luxurious details from for to aft. This catamaran offers an unforgettable comfort during sailing. Privilège Marine Development and Research department has put a lot of energy and focus in the interior to offer more flexibility.

The hull of the new Privilège «SERIE 6» takes advantage of the most recent development trends of Previlège Marin Arkitektkontor in the multihull section with:

– Sharp lines for lower water resistance and better performance at different speeds.
– More volume at the ends (high prismatic coefficient) to reduce the pitch (and to limit the amplitude) and to limit the variations in the trim, depending on the boat’s height to the wind.
– Height section above the waterline and side windows recessed into the hull for the more structural rigidity of the hull.
– Higher bottom of the nacellen designed to receive more equipment tailored to the actual standards in terms of comfort in the Privilège range.

This new yacht combines «More than flattering» Performance and increased load capacity, ensuring an enjoyable and fast cruising.

These exclusive catamarans are the latest acquisition within Hanse Group. These are included in Premium Yachts and offer you an exclusive catamaran with individual customization.

Privilège’s roots go back to the mid-1980 century, and over the years the company has proven to have been sent to build large, long-legged cruising-catamarns. With series 6, this rumor has become even a bit more polished.

Basic Price
25 521 000 SEK (incl VAT) *

20 417 400 SEK (ex VAT) *

* €1 = 10.26 SEK

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