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For the world around sailing

The most luxurious of all the Privilege Catamarans Privilège Series 7 is in a class for itself. With special attention and objectives for the highest quality and to adapt the boat to the tastes and needs of its owners, every boat is unique, a single masterpiece.

With endless options like galley up or down, crew quarter, laundry room, wine cellar, sauna and spa bath to name a few.

Always in cooperation with the naval architect Marc Lombard, the main modifications have been made catamarans from Privilège is Nacelle which is the area of the mast with massive natural light, to get more light and increased visibility in the ownership part on board.

On the other hand, Franck Darnet Design offers a modern style inside that can of course be changed according to the owner’s individual wishes in the form of materials, furniture, fabrics and colors.

The cockpit is protected by overlying allows and hardtop. The cockpit has a salon on the starboard side with teak table and with large and comfortable seats to the door openings and to the stern, perfect for outdoor life in any weather.

Privilège Marine pays special attention to internal adaptation to your liking, so that every yacht will be a reflection of the owner’s wishes.

-The Lounge/bar area on the portside with a deep L-shaped seat and coffee table for a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
-Diningarea on starboard with L-shaped banett and rectangular table that can be removed to a large daybed.
-TV/HiFi with flexible swinging TV screen.

In the owner part, imagine a room over 8 meters wide with a 180 x 200 cm bed in an alcove… Silence, comfort and ensure frivolity.

The cabin is always very bright and well ventilated thanks to the tyre shutters and longitudinal hull windows. This area offers several possibilities to design an owner’s cabin: library, sofa, TV furniture, dressing room, desk, sauna, etc.

The guest cabins are all spacious, each with a private bathroom and separate shower. Each part offers a variety of choices: wine cellar, fruit and vegetable shop, laundry room, toilet or more quays, depending on what you need.

These exclusive catamarans are the latest acquisition within Hanse Group. These are included in Premium Yachts and offer you an exclusive catamaran with individual customization.

Basic Price

* €1 = 9.60 SEK

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