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Hanse 508 Charter Edition 2021

New Hanse 508 Charter Edition 2021

SEK 4,234,233 incl. Vat

( SEK 3,387,387 ex VAT)

Försegel ...Självslående fock
Storsegel...66,5 m2
Självslende fock...51,50 m2
Total segelyta...118 m2
CE Certifikat...A - 12
Design...Judel/vrolijk & co
Längd...14.93 m
Bredd...4.75 m
Djup...2.40 m
Vikt...14.70 ton
Motoreffekt...80 hk

Hanse Yachting World the easiest way to own a new Hanse Yacht.

Now you can become Hanse owner with minimal investment but at the same time enjoy distributing with ownership with your own Yacht.

Your advantages:

– Yacht financing and yacht insurance to the best conditions and conditions.
– Good return on investment through guaranteed income from Chartern.
– Be able to transfer your boat up on land in Croatia if desired.
– Calibrating electronic devices such as mounting the mast.
– Three to six weeks of ownership weeks of sailing. – Quay/berth in one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world.
– The transfer of your Hanse to the location you have the boat, including all formalities.
– Keep the value of your boat through professional maintenance of your Hanse.
– Selling your Hanse yacht in the second place on the market.


Make your Yacht Personal and Increase Resale Value
When you invest in a new yacht for Hanse Yachting World with us at BohusYachts you have full flexibility over what your Yacht should look like.
For example, you can select:
– Lighter interior in addition to standard examples French oak and Noco Nero
– Choose your own layout that suits you such as a master cabin in the forepeak or 2 separate cabins.
– Select to Code C or Gennaker
– Roller mast for more flexibility in tearing and better protection against UV radiation.
– Flexiteak Scrubbed or Weathered.
– Helmsman seat
– Extra freezer in galley


Doesn’t chartermean that I get less access to the boat? No
In the Hanse Yachting World concept at full funding you can use it as much as possible but we recommend up to 4pcs weeks per season for an improved return. Recommended are 2 own weeks in high season and 2 optional weeks low or between season. You can also turn your yacht when it is not booked.
In the Hanse Yachting World concept at partial funding you have 4pc ownership weeks during the season, 2pc weeks in high season. If you want more weeks in addition to these 4, you will get the finances yourself. This is because it takes an x number of bookings to pay for the rest of the boat and the investment.
For more information on which model and more info about Hanse Yachting World contact us

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Hanse 508 Charter Edition – 4 234 233 SEK incl VAT

Specification Hanse 508

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