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Hanse Yachts resets delivery times for sailing yachts
26 April, 2024

Hanse Yachts restores delivery times in production for new sailboats to pre-Covid levels

Hanse Yachts, a pioneer in the marine industry for the new production of sailboats and motorboats, has announced a return to normal delivery times for its newly produced sailboats. This move marks a significant advance for the global sailboat market and is sure to spark demand among sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was causing large order backlogs and with problems worldwide with the availability of components, it caused major disruptions in production and supply chains. Hanse Yachts has worked to restore the balance. By stepping up its production capacity and improving processes, the company has managed to return to delivery times similar to those we saw before the pandemic, bringing welcome relief to customers who have been longing for their new boats.

The restored production rhythm is also expected to make Hanse Yachts an even more competitive player in the sailboat market. By being able to deliver its products within the previously normal time from order, the company can secure and strengthen its position as one of the leading brands of sailboats in the industry.
With the hope of increasing demand for sailboats worldwide, Hanse Yachts is ready to meet the needs of customers looking for stylish, safe, functional and affordable sailboats. This successful return to normal delivery times opens up exciting opportunities for both the company and its customers and marks a continued future for the sailboat industry.

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