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Increased order intake of new boats for 2021. Still possible to order for outstanding autumn discounts for delivery in the spring of 2021.
Increased order intake of new boats for 2021
28 May, 2021

Outstanding Autumn Discounts throughout October

Take this unique chance and secure a fantastic experience for the summer of 2021. The autumn discount runs until October 30, 2020. You get selected equipment packages at a discounted price when you buy a new Hanse Yacht.

Think sustainably and long-term and have the luxury of it for you and your family with your dream yacht for the coming summer. Examples of equipment packages are Performance package, Cruising package and Comfort package etc.

Sailing on the sea without worries without messing with new equipment can be worth every penny with family friends and close ones. Boat holidays provide increased security for the coming corona period 2021 in comparison with trips abroad. Bohuslän and Stockholm’s archipelago consists of over 100,000 fantastic islands for nature experiences in a new modern and comfortable sailboat or motorboat.

Delivery times for sailboats:

Hanse 315 March 2022

Hanse 348 April 2022

Hanse 388 April 2022

Hanse 418 March 2022

Hanse 458 January 2022

Hanse 508 January 2022

Hanse 548 November 2021

Hanse 588 January 2022

For more information about Höstrabatten and your desired model, contact us HERE


* Not all Hanse models have the same equipment package discounted.

* Due to high order intake, delivery times are preliminary and may be updated.

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