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Sailboat Hanse 418 - clear fast lines
The sailing boat Hanse 418 has clear, fast lines that speak for an outstanding sailing experience. Thanks to the optimized hydrodynamic flow parameters of the hull design, the straight stem and extra long waterline, this sailing boat from Hanse is perfect for a true sailing experience: fast, safe and comfortable gliding through the water.With all this, Hanse 418 sets a new standard in its class of sailing boats.

Come aboard the Hanse 418 and revel in its beauty!
Hanse Easy Sailing Concept is legendary. We invented the integrated self-adhesive jib (Focken) and took all lines to the root. This means you can sail your boat alone – or carefree as you enjoy with the guests. Reefing, tacking and setting sail can all be performed from the helmet effortlessly. The deck is free of lines and fittings, giving you uncompromising comfort and space while you are at sea or relaxing in the harbor.

In Hanse 418 you feel at home in the Big Ocean.
Distinctive features such as the “Fast Hull Line” and the impressive sail surface come from the drawing board of Judel/Vrolijk & Co, the world’s best and most experienced boatbuilding engineers. The combination of a perfectly harmonized lateral plane and a balanced rudder blade provides additional warranty for high speed performance and safety as you sail. With the Hanse 418 you have a progressive boat that makes a difference and stands for its core values. Technological innovations and quality in every detail is as much a part of the Hanse 418 as it is an emotional design and a comfortable atmosphere for well-being. Every detail is a subtle expression of superior design. The well-balanced mix of advanced technology and the integration of good skills in designing and creating the perfect boat in a yacht-it is the driving force for the Hanseatic team.

Wherever you sail – your Hanse 418 is “one of a kind”.
You choose the color of the hull and whatever outfit you want, which captures your eye. On deck, the decision is entirely up to you as to what technical equipment to include on your Hanse 418 boat. The decor also carries your signature. Enjoy the freedom of the open sea in a modern airy atmosphere with maritime elegance. High quality materials and exclusive accessories just waiting for you. Do you prefer to sail with your loved ones, your family or with a group of friends? The décor of your Hanse 418 can be tailored to your individual needs and wishes. You can choose between the classic layout and a tailor-made cab concept for many or just a few guests on board.

Your own individual yacht for your unique personality.
Discerning connoisseurs sail the Hanse 418, because we offer you the chance to express your personal style. There are no limits to how creative you can be. Our sellers will be happy to help you choose the perfect accent colors and materials.

* Text and pictures of and about the boats describe the model and options and are extra equipped in addition to the standard specification.
2 947 000 SEK

269 875 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€

Sail-ready, package-equipped, launched
SEK 3 751 000

341 062 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€


    – Large bathing platform in Teak with foldable fixed ladder

    – Concealed storage of cases and butt at side decks of aft cockpit

    – Ergonomic steering with dual knoers

    – 6 hull windows in the saloon

    – Ceiling doors in glass with open-door portlights at drop from cockpit

    – Open Hanse window for good air circulation

    – Hanse self-striking jib

    – Skylights Open on Foredeck

    – 9 Sliding deck Doors

    – High quality sofas in saloon with outstanding fisnish

    – Exclusive new woods and decorative details

    – Folding Saloon Table

    – High density panels on shoots

    – Large and well-planned kitchenette in L form

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