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Moody DS 48 sail in elegance and live in luxury

New sailboat Moody DS 48

The Moody DS 48 embodies the fascinating heritage of British seamanship while setting new standards for modern luxury. Smoothly integrating the galley, saloon and cockpit on a single level, this sailing yacht offers a spacious feel similar to a catamaran, but without compromising the comfort and exceptional sailing performance characteristic of a monohull.

Thanks to an impressive 360-degree panoramic view from the deck saloon, you can always keep an eye on your surroundings. The exclusive forepeak is specially designed for relaxation and tranquillity. In addition, you will be pampered with a magnificent owner’s cabin and two extraordinary guest cabins. Each cabin has a private bathroom and separate shower, offering luxurious personalized retreats. Experience the Moody DS 48, a masterpiece where tradition and innovation merge perfectly and every detail reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Moody Tire Salon 48 – Exterior

Sporty rig for smooth sailing

The Moody DS48 is designed with a sporty rig that ensures smooth and responsive sailing in various conditions. This feature improves the performance of the sailboat and makes every trip exciting but stable.

Integrated Bathing Platform with Hidden Amenities

From the helmsman’s area there is direct access to the spacious swimming platform which discreetly accommodates a 2.8 meter long rubber boat including crane equipment. This feature adds a level of luxury and functionality, making the Moody DS48 a perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality.

Integrating Inside-out

Access from the saloon to the sheltered and spacious cockpit is seamless. The cockpit is equipped with double tables and a folding roof that can be adapted to the weather. This area is the heart of the sailboat, where luxury and practicality come together.

Moody Tire Salon 48 – Interiors

Elegant helmsman areas

At the aft end of the bridge deck, the DS48 has two very functional helmsman areas that connect smoothly to the side deck without steps. For extra safety, especially in rough weather, the sailboat is equipped with a robust stainless steel railing and a 30 cm high foot bar.

Spacious and Modern

At the heart of the DS48 is its spacious saloon, nestled in the deckhouse. Here you will find a cozy U-shaped seating area next to a solid table, an elegant map table with an indoor steering position and a full-sized kitchenette. This space is not only luxurious but also functional, with plenty of storage and different options for kitchen equipment.

Dynamic Hull Design

The Moody DS48 has a distinctive hull tailored to the deck salon idea. Its spacious forward section ensures a luxurious owner’s cabin with an en-suite bathroom and separate shower. This design also houses two spacious guest cabins, each with their own bathrooms and separate showers, which is unusual on a 48-foot sailboat.


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    MOODY DS 48


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    Unique Selling Points with Moody DS 48 (Unique Selling Points):

    Tyre salon concept

    The Moody DS 48 stands out with its innovative deck saloon where the galley, saloon and cockpit are seamlessly integrated on a single level. This creates a spacious feel similar to a catamaran, but with the simplicity and sailing performance of a monohull.

    360-degree panoramic views

    The impressive panoramic view from the deck saloon gives you outstanding visibility of the surroundings, enhancing safety and the onboard experience.

    Luxury cabins

    The Moody DS 48 offers a magnificent owner’s cabin and two exclusive guest cabins, each with its own bathroom and separate shower. This provides unparalleled comfort and convenience for everyone on board.

    Sporty rig

    The sporty rig of the Moody DS 48 ensures smooth and responsive sailing in different weather conditions, providing excitement and stability on every voyage.

    Integrated bathing platform

    The expanded swimming platform accommodates a 2.8-meter-long inflatable boat with crane equipment, adding luxury and functionality for the boat’s owner.

    Integrated Indoor-Outdoor Flow rate

    Access from the saloon to the spacious and protected cockpit is seamless, making it easy to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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    Advantages of the Moody DS 48 (Benefits):

    Elegance and Luxury

    The Moody DS 48 combines British seafaring heritage with modern luxury, giving owners an elegant and luxurious experience at sea.

    Security and overview

    The panoramic view from the deck saloon increases safety by giving boaters an excellent overview of their surroundings.

    Comfortable cabins

    Luxury cabins with private bathrooms and showers create comfortable retreats for owners and guests, making longer sailing adventures more relaxing.

    Exciting Sailing

    The sporty rig gives sailing enthusiasts an exciting and responsive experience on the water, while maintaining stability.

    Practical function

    The integrated swimming platform with hidden amenities provides practical functionality and the ability to transport an inflatable boat with ease.

    Lifestyle on board

    The Moody DS 48 offers a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a comfortable and stylish lifestyle on board.

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