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Privilège Catamarans for exclusive sailing in with certainty and simplicity.

Previlége Series 5

Privilège catamarans have always been designed to let you sail in complete safety and especially with minimal crew.

With its protected halfposition, centralized electric winches and simple but effective tyre layout, the is sailed de short-handed.

A Previlége catamaran provides you with a sheltered and safe steering position that is easily accessible from the cockpit via large teak steps. Navigation is safe, with all maneuvers centralized and electric winches and user-friendly thanks to two locations in a comfortable seat.

With a modern and clean design, the cockpit offers a flexible and friendly outdoor area with a comfortable dining area for 8 people with a fixed table, an L-shaped bench and a detachable corner chair, a lounge area with convertible coffee table or kitchen, a teak-clad Aft platform, a place to be for relaxation or scuba diving and convenient for storing the tenderboat safely.

With high quality of woodwork, finish and refinement, the salon in Privilege is unmatched. The catamaran’s large salon turns to the cockpit and creates a large living room. Adjoining here is the spacious Galleyn with large benches and ample storage.

With a king-size bed and an adjoining bathroom, the series 5 standard owner’s cabin is larger than expected on a catamaran.

Series 5 is available in 2 layouts and offers standards with the recognized owner’s accommodation or a 4-bed rental option. Both layouts have private suites or cabins and are rendered ready to the highest standards.

The standard version is the mast in white lacquered aluminium, with particularly careful work on weld joints and internal reinforcements.

For high-quality sailors, INCIDENCES, the leading brand of all sailors made by bit, provides a response to the list of specifications set by the yard, without the corresponding on the market: high-tech cutting size, large scale rose, UV protection, 6- Step zigzagging with protected white wire, bands and amplifiers ensures that your sails enjoy an extremely long life.


These exclusive catamarans are the latest acquisition within Hanse Group. These are included in Premium Yachts and offer you an exclusive catamaran with individual customization.

Privilège’s roots go back to the mid-1980 century, and over the years the company has proven to have been sent to build large, long-legged cruising-catamarns.

Basic Price
12 760 900 KR (incl VAT)

10 208 700 KR (Excl VAT)

* €1 = 10.26 SEK

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