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Test sail the Hanse 348 and 388
Sample Hanseatic League
25 February, 2023

Test sail Hanse Sailing Boats

It’s summer again and the season is here. It’s time to get out to sea and feel what the wind and sea have to offer you!

We now have a test sailing week for everyone who wants to test sail the Hanse 348 and 388 sailboats. Come in now and experience what it feels like to sail a Hanse sailing boat so you can order your own unique sailing boat that suits your style.

Order stock for Hanse is over 1200 units. A reason to come and visit us at Portside marina or Svinninge marina and take the opportunity to order your own Hanse sailing boat in good time so that it is ready for the 2024 season.

Among other things, we also have the opportunity for those who want to test sail the Hanse 418 sailing boat located in Fiskebäckskil.

Want to know more about the sailboats? Here you can find more information about Hanse 348, Hanse 388 and Hanse 418

We on the West Coast

6 minutes from the E6 and 1 hour from Gothenburg by car, protected from the west winds in a well preserved and natural area, here we are at Portside Marina on the West Coast

Here we have Hanse 348 and Hanse 388 ready at Portside marina as well as Hanse 418 in Fiskebäckskil


We in Malmö

In Malmö we also have a Hanse 388. Also on it there is the possibility to test sail this sailing boat. WE are on the Dock


We in Stockholm

In addition, we also have the opportunity for all dear customers in Stockholm to test sail the Hanse sailboat more surface a Hanse 388 sailboat! In short, we are also here in Svinninge Marina Åkersberga


Contact and times for expression of interest

do you feel like trying out a Hanse sailing boat and feel how a Hanse sailing boat feels to you? Then register your interest and come by and test sail or look at our Hanse sailing boats. Register and come between these times and days:


3/7 Sun at: 10:00-14:00

4/7 Mon at: 16:00-18:00

5/7 Tue at: 16:00-18:00

6/7 Wed at: 16:00-18:00

7/7 Thurs at: 16:00-18:00

8/7 Fri at: 16:00-18:00

9/7 Sat at: 10:00-14:00


Register your interest here:

You can also find us on our website:

segelbåt Hanse
segelbåt Hanse
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