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Cruising sailboat for cruising Hanse 458

Hanse 458 a sailboat by Hanse Yachts
Hanse 458 is a sailboat and model that replaces Hanse 455 with a new design and layout with more light entering via deck and in the cabins for more daylight and contact with the sea.

A sailboat with elegance and with top performance, beautiful interior and all the comfort you could wish for. A bestseller for you who want to sail far and fast, at our latitudes, in the Mediterranean or further south.

Hanse 458 has changed a lot in detail compared to its predecessor Hanse 455. Also in forms that are completely new.

Largest cockpit in its sailboat class?
The functional design of the cockpit is as with all yacht from Hanse are all the Skot, Trimtampar and fall hidden and diverted under deck aft where they can be managed directly by the helmsman. The self-propelled Focken is the Hanse standard, can be equipped with larger and slightly overlapping Genoa (106 percent) for light wind areas as an option.

Does a higher rig give a sailboat more speed?
With a J-measure that is longer, it means more sail area and better performance. In addition, the mast will be higher than the previous model. Hanse 458 is now “the new modern sailboat in the 46-foot class”

* Text and pictures of and about the boats describe the model and options and are extra equipped in addition to the standard specification.

Price from
SEK 3 766 000

342 375 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€

4 846 000 SEK

440 556 € (incl. VAT)
We reserve the right to change currency.
Currency key 11.00 SEK/€


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