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GÖTEBORG/MALMÖ: +46 31 210 200 / STOCKHOLM/SKELLEFTEÅ +46 8 311 120
Groundbreaking as any Moody before it.

Never has the philosophy of life at a level been implemented more relentlessly than in the new Moody Deck Saloon 41. The elegant deck house with 360-degree panoramas makes you feel as if you’re staying in a tied-up luxury, whatever the weather. With its illustrative suitability for all weather conditions, DS41 lives up to the Moody tradition in every way. The new Moody DS41-a masterpiece of modern boat building and technology.

Basic Price
5 128 800 SEK * (incl VAT)
4 102 900 SEK * (Excl VAT)

* €1 = 10.26 SEK

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