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Rushing feared – boats for sale
28 May, 2021

Now there is great demand and high pressure for used boats

Used boats a few years old are the most in demand. However, these boats are no longer available throughout Northern Europe anymore.

BohusYachts has many inquiries from boat buyers who are unhappy about how to buy a boat. In recent times, it is important to act quickly before someone else has bought the advertised boat.

High demand low depreciation

The reason why a lightly used boat is in demand is the previous decrease in value who has been in the boating industry. Prices for new boats have followed the property development and the price level of used boats has followed the used car development.

Now are the new times with a great demand and with little supply of easily used boats. what happens in a market economy then ?, you ask as a reader?

Well, when that situation arises, the fall in value decreases to non-existent levels and then you can just as easily order a new boat. The value will hold up with the current market situation

Covid effect on boats

Demand for both new and used boats has literally exploded.

It does not seem possible to go abroad, neither this spring nor perhaps this summer. Boating is relatively safe for infection as there are countless islands to stay at on weekends and holidays. Keeping distance from other boat companies is a non-issue as long as you are in the boat. In guest harbors it can be a little more crowded and then, as usual, you should follow restrictions with distance and mouth protection as well as the port’s rules.

To join a boat

Anyone looking for a used boat should prepare to act quickly – if you get a boat. For private customers, it is usually best and safest to buy a boat through a company. They can help with financing and in some cases provide good guarantees, even though the boat is used. Anyone who buys directly from private individuals takes a risk.

Getting rid of a used boat

If you mediate a boat through us as a dealer, the probability increases that it will be sold faster, as the buyer prefers to buy a boat through a company that gives the buyer the right to make a complaint and that the company can resolve financing.

New boats are the new old

The price gap between new and used boats has decreased significantly compared to a number of years ago. The risk of impairment of new boats decreases when the demand for used vehicles increases as enormously as right now.

If you are going to buy a boat, it is safest to buy a new boat.

You should always look for well-known brands with new modern models that are attractive in the market. Hanse is such a boat brand that is very popular of course. If you want a more luxurious sailboat, choose a Moody with a deck saloon. If you choose a motorboat over 30 feet to live in, we can suggest Sealine or why not the new Fjord.

When you buy a new boat, you have the opportunity to choose exactly how you want your boat with interior, colors and equipment.

Contact us with your wishes and we will help you quickly, easily and safely;

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