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HanseYachts AG is a leading global manufacturer of sail and motorboats with brands such as Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Previlége, SeaLine and Fjord. Hanse Yachts operates under the umbrella name ‘ HanseGroup ‘.

At the Greifswald production plant in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea, the above boats are manufactured, except for the production of Priviliége catamarans made in France. Exported to more than 100 countries.

Breaking Rules & Setting Trends

Hanse works with world-renowned design agencies to achieve the optimum constructions that distinguishes the boats. Names such as Bill Dixon (Dixon Design), Patrick Banfield (Allseas Design) and Judel/Vrolijk & Co are well established in the yacht life and give the boats their typical character together with Hanse ́s own designers and constructors. Hanse creates yachts with new concepts and new solutions that live up to the motto “Breaking Rules & Setting Trends”.

Many awards underline HanseYacht’s innovative approach in terms of both shape and interior design.

First with inventions and new solutions.

A self-striking Fock (pre-sail) as standard, two steering wheels in the cockpit of smaller sailboats, several skylight for brighter and better living space, all the Scot, ropes and cases are pulled to the rear part of the cockpit of the so-called short-handed sailing, first to offer Electric propulsion called e-motion (Hanse 315), are all examples of innovative solutions for new trends.

Hanse's Vision

Hanse’s vision is, with German and international technology and experience in boat design, to be the best boat manufacturer with functional solutions for boat owners.

Hanse ́s Design

Hanse ́s model language has been developed together with Judel/Vrolijk – A company that has shaped the international boat construction in 35 years.

The design agency was founded by Rolf E. Vrolijk and Fietje Judel 1978. Today it is one of the world’s most respected design offices for high caliber sailboats, with an international renome ́, based on countless successful sail competition projects.

For example, as lead designer for the America’s Cup team Alinghi, Rolf Vrolijk played a crucial role in enabling a European project team to win the world’s oldest and most prestigious sail trophy for the first time.

The inventive yacht specialists and their computers have also led to the further development of Hanse Familycruisers.

New models for new trends

The latest models from Hanse Yachts launched this year are Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 418 and Hanse 548. Once again, Hanse is the first to set new trends with these models by offering plenty of light and more contact with the sea from the interior, development and improvements from previous models. Higher rig, increased sail area and new faster hull design.

Results of the successful

European Yacht of the Year 2016
In the category
‘ Family Cruiser ‘

Croatian Boat of the Year 2016
In the category
‘ Sailing Yachts up to 36 ft ‘

Boat of the Year (Cruising World) 2016
In the category
Best Value Cruiser

Hanse 315
hiswa – Boat of the Year 2016
In the category
‘ Sailboat of the Year 2016 ‘

Asian Marine & Boating Award 2014
In the category
Best Sailing Yacht + 45ft

Yacht of the Year in Sweden 2013/2014
In the category
Cruising Boat

Best Boat of the Show (Norwegen) 2012

Natante Dell’anno 2012

Boat of the Year
(Vela e Motore) 2012

Best Sailing Yacht
(Wind and Water Boatshow, Poland) 2012

Hanse ́s core values
Easy Sailing-Easy sailing

With self-striking Fock, standard on all Hanseatic boats, the manoeuvration of the boat is simplified when sailing on the cross. With all the cases and butt pulled down to the Helsmans site in the cockpit, a person can sail boats up to 70 feet. The double knosers on all models ensure easy and efficient manoeuvrability and good supervision before.

Fast Cruising – Fast Cruising

Hanse are fast boats that deliver speed and let you easily sail past most. With a gennacker or CodeC on downwind, you can get a Hanse to surf because of its hull and high rig. In short, it means that you are arriving in port among the first.

Innovative design – luxurious, simple, practical technical solutions

Hanse has a love of minimalist surfaces and lines in interior design and builds it in a very rational way. Design, light and idiom create a modern interior that provides comfortable comfort. The cockpit with its large bathing platform gives you closeness to the water and with a width that simplifies communication and space for interaction or relaxation.

Individual customization

You can choose from several interior design options and put your own touch on this through a wide selection of interior materials such as woods, fabrics and the equipment you desire for added comfort, comfort or performance.

Hanse in Sweden

Hanse has delivered over 600 Hanse boats to families in sizes from 29 feet to 54 feet, with emphasis on sizes between 31-38 feet. The trend is for the sailboats to grow bigger and with more luxury and exclusive solutions.

Moody Boats

In the past, the exclusive brand Moody Boats has been taken over. Today we manufacture two models of a classic version, Moody 41 and 45 and two deck saloon boats Moody 45 and 54 DS. The boats are designed by Bill Dixon Design.

The former two boat models are traditionally produced MKT craftsmanship in high quality for customers who want something special.

Moody Deck Saloon boats are based on a fast sailboat hull that has been given a superstructure more like a modern motorboat and is directed towards those who want to work, live and stay onboard comfortably for most of the year. It doesn’t matter if it blows, rains or is cold. You can maneuver the boat from within the deck saloon where you also live daytime with full views of the surroundings. The sleeping area is located below deck.


There are more than fast family ruisers of Hanse Yachts at the HanseGroup. When the leading German quality brand Dehler had financial problems, it was bought in and got access to a series of cruisers-racers. The new Dehler 38 won for example this year’s Yacht of the year 2014.


In May this year the HanseGroup took over one of the world’s foremost producers of catamarans in the luxury class, Privilége Marine in France. The production of these boats will remain in France. Behind the development and construction of the boats are the well-known Design company Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group.

On the program there are catamarans from 15×8 m up to 23×11 m. The exclusive design provides ample space for individual customization.

Premium Yachts from HanseGroup

The latest Hanse models Hanse 548, Hanse 588, Hanse 675, Deck saloon Moody 54DS and Moody 45DS, as well as Privilége catamarans, are aimed at customers who want something extraordinary.

New concept solutions for those looking for a luxurious, different and relaxing life on the water.

A place to live and work on. Increased quality of life!

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